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Small Business Web Site Development Wizard

Your small business web site development needs more than a flashy installation wizard and content management system.

You need a support system to constantly manage new content that satisfies your visitors thirst for relevant information.

There is a milestone for most websites when you get more input from your actual visitors than you did from your keyword research. Typically this is around 60 pages, but can be much earlier on a site that encourages visitor involvement.

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Business Website Builder

My main activity, currently, is developing my business website builder wizard. I’ve added a new page to keep track of development. Though it is a long way from finished, I hope you find some of the development information useful.

I have called the first part Essential Plug-ins. These are ones that any self-respecting WordPress web business needs. Some may have alternatives. I have selected ones that I know work. If you know of alternatives that you think are better, please let me know.

I noticed one or two that I rely on, but haven’t mentioned in this blog, so I will mention them now.

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