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What Is The Point Of Re-Installing WordPress?

Installing WordPress is simple, and upgrading WordPress is simple, but upgrading after a long time, with many version changes is like installing again. In fact, re-installing is much harder than a brand new install.

Let this be a lesson. If you ever want to revive a neglected site – just start again.

Wordpress Update

Wordpress Update

The first hurdle is the incredible change in WordPress and it’s plugins over the last couple of years. WordPress has added functionality (e.g. tags) that was once only available as plugins.

More importantly, as I indicated in my last post, the purpose of this site has changed, and with it the categories and tags.

The good news is that the basic site is now upgraded and working. The purpose is clear, and now enshrined on a brand new About page. The bad news is that there are a lot of old posts and pages that need re-writing – and none of them really worth the effort.

If you need to revitalize an old site, you need to think about upgrading or starting with a brand new install.

It is easy to decide what to do – just look at your visitor logs. You will see one of three possible situations:

  1. Very little traffic, or
  2. Generally little traffic except for a few pages, or
  3. Lots of traffic.

For 1. you should Continue reading