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Sep 26 2012

How to Change WordPress Theme Styling

WordPress Theme Change: Style Element Gotchas Screenshot

Do you need to change your WordPress theme styling? Do you spoil or lose custom changes? See how to change your WordPress CSS safely, securely, and accurately.

Sep 10 2012

TOC Even When No Content

Table of contents graphic

A TOC (Table Of Contents) is a great way to organize groups of pages in a hierarchy. See how in-page TOC makes long pages better for visitors & search engines.

Sep 03 2012

Never Edit Your WordPress Theme

Editing WordPress themes is risky. Get it right, you retain more visitors. Get it wrong, you lose visitors, credibility & sanity.Do WP Themes the Shrewdies Way.

May 11 2012

WordPress Hosting: Simple & Responsive

Is your WordPress hosting accessible? If visitors cannot read what you write, you have wasted your time, See how to be responsive with your website format.

Aug 26 2010

WordPress Default WYSIWYG Editor

My search for the perfect WordPress Default WYSIWYG editor is far from over, but at least I have a stable solution that works. I’ve switched between NicEdit and TinyMCE for a few months. I like the simplicity of NicEdit, and had it working nicely on WordPress sites. Then all sorts of weirdness started happening when …

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Apr 02 2010

WordPress Plugin: Promotion Tool

Many of you looking for a WordPress plugin promotion tool have stumbled across my Happiness Today plugin. You seem disappointed that the next version is where the real promotion potential lies, but the good news is that you do not need to wait. If you have downloaded and activated Happiness Today, then you already have …

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Mar 18 2010

WordPress Pods: Food For Thought

WordPress Pods Table

The data-presentation link is vital. To get the best out of WordPress Pods, it pays to study the sample that is packaged with the Pods CMS plugin, and the more advanced examples in the Pods Packages directory. It is also vital to have a clear plan of the presentation outcomes that you need. When describing …

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Jan 09 2010

WordPress Theme Functions

Functions and options bring flexibility to WordPress themes, but can they also over-complicate? Flexibility is second only to speed in terms of theme importance. There are risks when theme functionality goes too far, so you need to know where to draw the line. Your WordPress theme is the face of your website – your front …

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Jan 06 2010

Best WP Theme Service

I’ve just seen the best WP theme service. I’m grateful and a little awestruck. For people to donate their time to the WordPress community by developing free themes is one thing. When the theme stands out amongst thousands as truly meeting it’s purpose, that is excellent. Awesome AsideDespite the spell checker setting (which is set …

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Jan 03 2010

WordPress Hosting Theme

“Where can I get a good WordPress hosting theme?” asked Fred. It is a question that crops up time and again. As questions go, it seems straightforward, but you have to wonder why anyone would ask a question like this. I am assuming that Fred is starting a web business related to WordPress Hosting, and …

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