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Sep 06 2007

Build A Business Web Site

As I build a business web site at, it acts as a great reinforcing exercise to test and improve the plug-ins collection for my WordPress installation wizard. Today I found a better forms handler, reminded myself about the importance of backups, and found a potential method for making plug-in management much easier. Contact Pages …

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Aug 21 2007

WordPress Tags

Standard WordPress does not have tags, but there are many plug-ins to help you apply them. Those that I have seen were born in the days when all webmasters looked to keywords to boost their rankings in search engines. I discuss the merits, or otherwise, of SEO on my web business site. Keywords for SEO …

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Aug 15 2007

Business Web Hosting Categories

I have already created 4 posts, but all these are labeled ‘Uncategorized’. This is a complete waste of time. At the very least we want a catchall category that reflects the key site concept. In this case, the key site concept is Business Web Hosting. You should change the default category to your key site …

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