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Build A Business Web Site

As I build a business web site at, it acts as a great reinforcing exercise to test and improve the plug-ins collection for my WordPress installation wizard.

Today I found a better forms handler, reminded myself about the importance of backups, and found a potential method for making plug-in management much easier.

Contact Pages are important for any web site, but crucial for a credible web business site. My current method works fine on standard contact forms, but to build a business web site, you also need surveys, polls, and all manner of related feedback mechanisms.

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WordPress Tags

Standard WordPress does not have tags, but there are many plug-ins to help you apply them. Those that I have seen were born in the days when all webmasters looked to keywords to boost their rankings in search engines.

I discuss the merits, or otherwise, of SEO on my web business site. Keywords for SEO are generally recognized as being unimportant, to the extent that free sites do not have them. However, there is an alternative, Continue reading

Business Web Hosting Categories

I have already created 4 posts, but all these are labeled ‘Uncategorized’. This is a complete waste of time. At the very least we want a catchall category that reflects the key site concept.

In this case, the key site concept is Business Web Hosting. You should change the default category to your key site concept. In WordPress, this is in Manage Categories, and my installation wizard will automatically pick this up and change it.

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