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Shrewdies.net provides a network for your web business support.

Run by Keith Taylor, this web business support network is for all people who want to run their websites better.
I also help people who want to start their own online business.

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Web Hosting Sites
As well as helping you manage your own website, Shrewdies can host your website. Shrewdies web hosting sites are fast and secure.
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How much is a web business worth to you? Shrewdies web hosting prices are the best value available.
Shrewdies Privacy Policy
Your privacy is assured with Shrewdies. Read Shrewdies privacy policy. Then see how you can adapt it for your own website.
Policy For Web Hosting Links
Backlinks are old hat. But, some networking is useful. See my policy on web hosting links. Then see how to avoid quality penalties from poor website linking strategies.
Email Policy For Keith Taylor
Shrewdies, as one of Keith Taylor’s websites, has my personal guarantee for your email privacy. See how to customize your own fair email policy.
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See the best way to contact Keith Taylor at Shrewdies.

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