How To Contact Keith Taylor

is the owner and publisher of and other websites.

If you want any information about WordPress web hosting, or any other technical aspect of web business, especially WordPress, please ask in the website support forum.

Using the forum is always the fastest and best way to ask questions. It is better to register at the forum first, then your email will get posted immediately. If you post anonymously, it will be emailed privately to me first. This is one way to contact me privately, but be sure to clearly mark your forum entry as Not For Publication. There are other ways to contact me privately…

Private Networks Contact

I prefer to communicate with people who are willing to verify their identity. For this, I use the Google+, Facebook, and Twitter networks. My preferred network is Google+, and I would love to have you in my circle(s). You can contact me via my Shrewdies Google+ Page, or my personal .

Private Email Address

In order to make sure you have my latest contact email address, if you do not want to use my network contact pages above, you should use a WhoIs service to check the public site registration records. The best way to find it is to check the WhoIs database for I make sure this public record is always up to date at renewal time, but there may be a delay where my contact details change during the year.

I will reply to your email as soon as I can, but it might take a few days during busy periods.

Please note that your email address is safe with me. I will only use it to contact you personally about, and WordPress web hosting. I will never pass it on to anyone else. See my email policy for more details.

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