Email Policy For Keith Taylor

This email policy is related to my privacy policy. I publish several websites under the Shrewdies banner, and this policy applies to all my sites.

Email gets to me by filling in forms on my websites, through third parties such as Facebook and Google+, and by direct response to one of my email addresses. This policy applies to all contact to any of my email addresses, and all message methods.

Email Policy: Privacy

Let me start by clarifying my position on privacy. I never share your email address with any third parties. I only use your email address to contact you about whatever you have asked for, and I do not use it for any other reason.

Email Policy: Answering Your Questions

I provide public forums for all my websites, and this is my preferred method for answering questions.

The forums are at the following websites:

Business Websites

Web Business Forum for subjects covered by this website, web business, traffic generation.

Health Websites

GoutPal’s Gout Forum

Entertainment Websites

Email Policy: Promotions

If you want to promote goods or services that you think I may be interested in, please use my Facebook or Google+ pages (see links below).

Email Policy: Buying My Services Or Sites

If you want to approach me to buy my consultancy services, please see my Internet Business Services page. For offers to buy websites, please use the email address in the public whois records. I do not hide my identity in public ownership records, so you can be sure that those details are current.

Email Policy: Next Steps

I have covered all the common reasons for contacting me. If you have other reasons, please ask in the website support forum. If you prefer to contact me privately, please use my Google+ page, or if that is not available to you, use my Facebook page.

Please feel free to adapt my email policy for your own use. If you need any help with this, please ask in the webmaster forum.