Policy For Web Hosting Links

I love linking to and from WordPress web hosting and related sites.

But I don’t like wasting my time and effort on random low quality links.

The whole point of the World Wide Web is to help people find good quality information, goods and services. It can only do this if web sites link to related, relevant sites that add value.

Linking Out Policy

Here is my policy on linking out to other sites, and you can see the best way to link to me below.

This site is about the best way to build small business websites from a technical perspective. I want to include web hosting links that help fairly inexperienced webmasters build a technical masterpiece without being distracted by masses and masses of complicated jargon.

If you run a website that relates to my content and my typical visitor, I want you to tell me about yourself, and the best way is to post some quality comments that add value to my articles. I use the No Follow Free plugin that removes the nofollow attribute from your author links, depending on the number of comments you make. The current settings are always shown near the top commenters list on the sidebar.

Please remember, that I am looking for questions, experiences, and opinions that add value to my web hosting articles. I will remove links from comments that do not add value, or that point to low quality pages.

Do not spam me. At best you’ll be ignored. At worst you’ll be blacklisted by the spam filtering services that I subscribe to.

Linking In Policy

I appreciate all links to my website.

The best links are those that link to a specific page, and include some relevant anchor text. Search engines get suspicious when many similar links from different sites hit the same page, so I don’t normally recommend specific links.

Instead, look at the keywords, description and title of my page. This is easiest with Firefox as you simply right-click anywhere on the page and choose Page Info.

If you want to know any more about web hosting links, ask your question below.