Managed Commercial Websites

Managed Commercial Websites are websites that allow you to focus on writing content, marketing your web business, reaping the rewards, and appreciating your profits.

On the rest of this website, I tell you how to setup your website, and keep it running successfully. But what if you do not have the inclination to learn the required technical tasks? What if you want to focus your time on making money, not becoming a technical guru?

The answer is easy – let Shrewdies manage it for you.

If you arrived here by following a link from another Shrewdies website, you have seen the type of site that is available.

If not, search the Internet for Shrewdies Managed WordPress Hosting, and tell me which you like best.

You can see other options for creating your own website on our Web Hosting Sites page, and see the amazingly low cost on our Website Hosting Prices page.