Blog Fulfilment

Fulfil your purpose, accomplish your objectives, publish your blog.

You’ve done all the planning and preparation. You’ve featured the best functionality and presented your finest formatting.

But nothing beats publishing and promoting your own web pages, and watching traffic hits climb as you meet your visitors.



The rules for success at this stage are quite simple. Every day you either publish a page, or gain a link. Be greedy if you like, and go for both, or more than one of each. As long as you do at least one each day, your website will grow.

You publish content on your own site to attract search visitors, and on other sites to encourage referrals. All the elements of your publishing and promotion schedule work to build the buzz and direct traffic back to your site. As you engage, renew and refresh that traffic, you create the vibrant website that fulfils your purpose.

Shrewdly, your success repositions you, and so you continue to review and expand your goals, reap your rewards, and have a thoroughly lovely time.

Your fulfilment tasks and duties are:

  • Publish reference content
  • Publish news & opinion to create the buzz
  • Encourage contributions & loyalty
  • Manage search traffic
  • Manage referred traffic
  • Manage direct traffic
  • Appreciate rewards