WordPress Pages

WordPress Pages are used for most of your website reference content.

Whilst this is largely a management process, covered at shrewdies.com, there are a few pages that, as technical manager, you need to provide, or at least ensure they are fulfilled by the management team.

As well as providing useful visitor information, these pages give your site more credibility. Though generally referred to as “admin” pages, and therefore fairly boring, I like to see them as a creative challenge to make them as interesting as possible. I’ll look at how you make a Privacy Policy or Funding Policy interesting later, but let’s consider the structure first.

Admin WordPress Pages Structure

Often grouped under the “About” heading, you could even be creative about that, but the important thing is to make them as relevant to your website topic as possible. Even basic changes can make a difference, e.g. instead of Contact Us, write a contact page that’s a little more inviting such as “Contact Shrewdies About Saving Money On Web Hosting.”

As far as your all-important site structure is concerned, these pages are also an opportunity to apply a strong topic related keyword that you do not have much content for. When I started this site, I had not included these admin pages in my website blueprint, so I just used an “about” section. For most sites now, I build these pages in a “key-topic related” section, or choose an appropriate topic synonym. For example, I could change the About section to Sidebar, Website, or similar.

Admin WordPress Pages List

This is a list of common pages to include in your Admin/About section. Please add your suggestions in the forum. The most important pages are marked with a *.

  • *About This Website
  • Forum Guide
  • Commenting Guide
  • * Privacy Policy
  • Linking Policy
  • * Contact Form
  • * Advertising/Funding Policy
  • Road Map
  • * Update Service

WordPress Pages: Next Steps

You should plan to get these pages published as soon as possible after you complete your website configuration. Start with the pages marked * above, but think of creative, topic-related titles and content.

If you have any questions, problems, or theories about WordPress Pages, please raise them in the Fulfillment Forum.