WordPress Entries

WordPress entries are the posts and pages that make the content your website.

Your pages and posts only effective if people keep coming back to read them, and you can encourage this by sharing them at the earliest opportunity.

There are many ways to encourage this, but one of the best ways is by sharing WordPress entries by a subscription service. Of all the services I have used, FeedBurner from Google is the most effective. As this is a free service, it pays you to introduce it as soon as possible. During the early days, your content is limited, but if visitors find one of your early articles interesting, it is wise to inform them when you publish new content.

The process is particularly easy, as you are already registered with Google from the preparation for your WordPress installation. Simply go to FeedBurner.com, and add your feed (it is simply yourdomain.com/feed/).

Work through the registration wizard, selecting all options (though leave the podcasting options blank unless you will be producing podcasts). On the Optimize tab, enable SmartFeed and FeedFlare. On the Publicize tab, enable Email Subscriptions, then add the subscription form or link to as many places on your site as you can, including the sidebar, footer, and the end of your articles where relevant.

Just like this:

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