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Business Hosting Needs Your Credibility

I have explained some basic business hosting issues recently, as part of relaunching this WordPress Web Hosting website. However, I have not yet covered the most important basic principle – credibility.

Credible Business Hosting

If you are a new webmaster, or contemplating hosting your own web business, you are likely to be completely confused by an avalanche of opinion and argument about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have written about the futility of concentrating too much on SEO, so here is my best tip about it:

Ignore any website or book that does not explain the importance of credible authorship

Keyword research will always be important, but only when considered in a credible environment. You have to create that credibility by verifying who you are. Then create great content that links you as an author with the topics that people search for using keywords. That is my only mention of keywords for today – let’s get back to credibility, and how you can achieve it.

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