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Join The WordPress Web Hosting Debate

One advantage of WordPress web hosting is the ease with which debate is encouraged through commenting.

Link Policy At A Glance

  • Contributors must add value
  • Sidebar link list for top posters
  • Nofollow removed on guests after 2 comments
  • Nofollow removed immediately for registered users

Then WordPress removes the incentive for you to contribute by adding a nofollow link to your comments! 😥

In turn, I remove that nofollow attribute, in most circumstances, so that you get search engine rewards for your valued contribution. 😛

I interrupt my series on the shrewdBar development of a Pods package to highlight the benefits you get from joining the web hosting discussion on this site. By discussion, I mean adding valuable questions, comments or theories to existing topics, or starting a new discussion on a web hosting, or WordPress, related topic.

I have updated my link policy today, to explain more clearly how you can get incoming links to your site.

I have also added a top contributors list on the sidebar, to give extra links for those who contribute most. Continue reading