Business Hosting Needs Your Credibility

I have explained some basic business hosting issues recently, as part of relaunching this WordPress Web Hosting website. However, I have not yet covered the most important basic principle – credibility.

Credible Business Hosting

If you are a new webmaster, or contemplating hosting your own web business, you are likely to be completely confused by an avalanche of opinion and argument about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have written about the futility of concentrating too much on SEO, so here is my best tip about it:

Ignore any website or book that does not explain the importance of credible authorship

Keyword research will always be important, but only when considered in a credible environment. You have to create that credibility by verifying who you are. Then create great content that links you as an author with the topics that people search for using keywords. That is my only mention of keywords for today – let’s get back to credibility, and how you can achieve it.

Why Is Credibility Important For Business Hosting?

Google has recognized that many people have been trying to game it’s search engine ranking service using methods that are either bad, or irrelevant. Since it’s whole business rests on the quality of the search results that it provides, it has looked for ways to get more authentic results. In recent years, Google has introduced processes to identify authors and publishers of web pages. This gives Google an insight into authenticity, as it can now verify ownership through it’s Google+ service.

This brings the reliability of social networking to support the processes Google uses to validate and score web pages. You can spend weeks reading all sorts of rubbish about how to improve your search engine rankings, but it is for nothing if you do not verify who you are.

Your Credible Business Hosting Identity

Your first task is to create your profile on Google+. I believe this is a straightforward process, but if you run into any difficulties, ask in the webmaster forum, and I will help. This is a good time to add a nice head-shot photograph as your profile picture. Also, on your Google+ profile, add your website to the list of sites that you contribute to. You can see my profile page by following the link at the end of this article, and many others.

You must then make sure that your WordPress User Profile contains a link to your Google+ page. This needs to be tagged with rel=author markup, but that is very easy. You can see the style of the link in my About Keith Taylor box, which looks like href="", with your personal Google+ reference replacing mine.

The rest of this process is automated in most current responsive WordPress themes, but if your theme has parts of it missing, they are easy to fix.

Business Hosting Credibility: Next Steps

Follow my simple steps, and Google should recognize pages that you have written, and may even highlight search results with your name and profile picture. You must test a sample page and your WordPress Author page for every site that you contribute to.

Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool will test any page that interests you, and the results should be self explanatory. If you are tempted to believe someone’s claims about their SEO skills, test one of their pages in that tool. If you do not see their photograph and link to a Google+ page, they do not know what they are talking about.

If you do not see your own profile picture and Google+ profile page when using this tool, the error messages are usually very clear. If you need any help, or want to share your own experiences of credible business hosting, please ask in the website support forum.