Business Website Builder

My main activity, currently, is developing my business website builder wizard. I’ve added a new page to keep track of development. Though it is a long way from finished, I hope you find some of the development information useful.

I have called the first part Essential Plug-ins. These are ones that any self-respecting WordPress web business needs. Some may have alternatives. I have selected ones that I know work. If you know of alternatives that you think are better, please let me know.

I noticed one or two that I rely on, but haven’t mentioned in this blog, so I will mention them now.

cforms II is a very useful form manager that I found when I had difficulty trying to get Dagon Design Form Mailer to display a group of checkboxes on a form. The Dagon Design Form Mailer is very good, but I find cforms II even better. The first form takes a little getting used to, as the method of setting up the fields is slightly unusual. However, it is quite easy to learn, and very powerful. It has many components and styling options. Though not enabled by default, it also has data tracking capabilities. This is a boon for survey and customer satisfaction forms – essential for all business websites.

WP-Cache is essential for busy web business sites. WordPress normally builds and serves each page whenever it is requested. WP-Cache simply stores these pages when they are first requested, and serves them from it’s store. You can specify how often they are refreshed.

No automated business website builder would be complete without a few non-essential add-ons. In the final wizard, there will be some optional plug-ins, with recommendations about when they are useful. Blogrolls are often a personal choice, but they are essential for serious web business site builders. No business can thrive in isolation, and blogrolls are the ideal way to show your key business associations. Often, these breakdown into separate categories. Single Bookmark Category List is a great plug-in for showing selected categories (up to 9) in separate lists.

So that is my business website builder wizard started, with a long way to go. If you know of any WordPress plug-ins that you feel are vital to a successful web business site, please let me know.

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