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Croogling for Crucial Information

By adjusting the boundaries, I’m claiming Croogling as another new word. OK, unlike Scholgling this isn’t quite as unique. But the whole point of Croogling is to disregard the inessential uses of words. Because when you search for real information you want to see essential results. Not misspellings, slang, or other irrelevant utterances.


Explanations later.

Croogling Feedback

Shrewdies visitor responses include:

What about OpenSearch?

Kirk asked “I like this a lot so I made it my default search engine. How come you haven’t made it auto discovery?

Shrewdies Response

It took a while to understand what Kirk meant. Then I discovered OpenSearch – a standard way of describing search engines to browsers. So I will adopt or adapt the code from How to let Google power OpenSearch on your website. But first, I want to study the guidelines. Especially details in OpenSearch description document. Because I’d like to understand the extras that are not available in the simple format. Also, I want to plan a strategy for all my search engines to decide:

  1. The keywords that invoke each search engine.
  2. Which search engines will be auto discoverable. Or if a browser visit to the description document will work rather than linking it in the header.

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