Deploy WordPress The Shrewd Way

Deploying WordPress is a cinch if you’ve prepared properly.

If you do not have a deployment plan, please read my WordPress Preparation pages. Most of the steps apply to any platform, so still prepare a deployment plan even if you’re not using WordPress.

Deploy WordPress: Installation Checklist

Now it is simply a question of following the steps:

  1. Add domain to server
  2. Check DNS settings are correct with domain registrar
  3. Switch on CDN and cache service, Google Analytics, and Webmaster Tools in CloudFlare
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Change WordPress settings per Shrewdies configuration guide
  6. Add WordPress plugins per Shrewdies functionality guide
  7. Select and clone WordPress Theme per Shrewdies format guide
  8. Create Google Custom Search Engine, and apply to website
  9. Configure FeedBurner service
  10. Configure taxonomy per deployment guide
  11. Create Admin pages per Shrewdies configuration guide.
  12. Configure widgets and menus per Shrewdies format guide.

Deploy WordPress: Next Steps

I am currently reorganizing this website to bring all the above guides into one easy-to-find section. I’m also working on a new guide for deploying a live and a development server, with quick ways to switch between the two – ideal if you need to revivify your site without disrupting the live version. Please subscribe to our free update service to make sure you are notified as I publish these guides.

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Much of the information you need is already here, so please search for it using the boxes near the top and bottom of every page. If you cannot find what you need, please ask in the website support forum. You can also use that forum to share your opinions and experiences of deploying your own website.