Find Fast WordPress Hosting

Fast WordPress hosting means more than a fast server. Visitors need to find information fast, and that means a better search service than the default WordPress search.

WordPress Search Hosting

Rather than tweaking WordPress standard search with plugins,  I prefer to replace it completely with a faster search engine
Google are the fastest, most comprehensive search service, and integration into your responsive theme is very easy.

There are several ways to do this, but unless you are using a theme that you have written yourself, you should make changes via a child theme.

Fast WordPress Child Themes

Since writing this article, I have developed a method for using Google Custom Search that does not involve editing theme files. For this alternative method, please see Swap WordPress 2015 search for Google Custom Search in my Webmaster Forum. When we’ve finished discussing the topic, I’ll redraft the handbook page for Google Custom Search Engine.

Though it is quite easy to add a child theme using a basic text editor and FTP, I will describe an even easier way using 2 plugins1 plugin.

  1. Install One-click Child Theme and WP File Manager plugins Orbisius Child Theme Creator plugin.
  2. Create a child for your current theme.
  3. Use the file manager to copy searchform.php from the current theme folder to your child theme. Do this by downloading it to your local file system, then upload it to your website.

Please note that most modern themes, including all the responsive themes that I have seen, use the searchform file. If yours does not, please ask for specific help with your theme in the web hosting forum.

Find Fast WordPress Hosting Information

For your visitors to find your information, you need to provide a way to display search results. A self-hosted WordPress site has many options, but I prefer a new search page, or you can use an existing page. That page should not display Adsense adverts, as we will display them using the Google Custom Search service.

You can access this via your Webmaster Tools account, your AdSense account, or directly through Custom Search. Setup your search engine to use 2 pages. This allows you to put search boxes on every page, and show results on a simple results page.

Fast WordPress Hosting Search Results Page

Prepare a page specifically for your results, or use an existing page. Assuming you are monetizing your website with AdSense, be aware that the results page cannot be an advertising page. The rules at the time of writing allow “a single link unit or image ad only” on your results page. You need to publish this page first, so that you have a results page URL to setup your Custom Search Engine look and feel section. You can see how this works by searching for something in the search box near the top and bottom of every page here.

You can also see the blank search results form. I have deliberately made this very basic, with just a message to prompt you to enter a search term. In practice, you would add more information, such as search tips, or other ways to find information.

Fast WordPress Hosting Search Box

Once you have your search engine code, copy the first part into searchform.php in your child theme. This should replace the code for the original form. Then copy the code for the results into your search results page. Their is another bug here, with a blank line in the JavaScript code. You must remove this line, or the script will fail , and only display a Loading message.

There are some slight complications when adding more than one search box to a page. I will look at the specifics of multiple custom WordPress search forms in a later article.

Find Fast WordPress Hosting: Next Steps

You can find some fast WordPress web hosting information by using my search forms at the top of any page. I will also add them to the footer soon.

Though simple, there are many options throughout this process, and there are potential complications with different responsive themes. If you need further help, ask in Swap WordPress 2015 search for Google Custom Search, but please give plenty of information about your setup and what you have tried so far.