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    Doing a quick export and import using WordPress Admin Tools seems fraught with problems. Images should load back, but they rarely do.

    I’ve got a new website to import from a standalone site into WordPress multisite. Is there a foolproof way to do it?

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    Keith Taylor
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    There are many different setups when you are dealing with WordPress site moves. Usually the domain name stays the same, but on different hosts. Sometimes you want to change the domain name.

    There are ways to use the export and import tools that come with WordPress. However, you need to be aware how WordPress images are stored. Rather than bore you needlessly with explanations of attachment posts and linked media, I’ll explain an easy way.

    I use a WordPress Plugin called Duplicator by LifeInTheGrid. It has many uses, but it comes into it’s own during WordPress site moves. All you do is run it on the live server, which produces 2 import files. You load those onto the new host, and run the install. You can change domain name during the import process if you wish to.

    Unfortunately, Duplicator is not fully compatible with Multisite WordPress. I plan to write some articles about using Duplicator in different hosting scenarios. I will investigate using Duplicator with Multisite. As ever, if you want me to move your WordPress site for you, just let me know.

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