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    I’ve lost the instructions for the workaround that you taught me. I know we managed to upload a sitemap to Google Search Console for my FreshDesk helpdesk. But, I can’t find my notes.

    I want to rebuild and resubmit my FreshDesk sitemap, as I’ve added some more FAQs and guidance to my Solutions section. Please can you remind me how to do it.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Ah, yes! I’d forgotten about my little FreshDesk Sitemap device for circumventing FreshDesk’s shortcomings in the SiteMap Department. To be fair, they’ve probably got more important things to work on.

    I hope you remember I said, this is unproven technology. Not that sitemaps are unproven. It’s just that I question the importance of sitemaps in this context. However, there is absolutely no doubt that the concept works.

    When I mentioned my routine for creating FreshDesk sitemaps, I had little experience of FreshDesk. Since then, it’s proved itself to both of us. I know that it has revolutionized your lead processing. I’m convinced it’s a service I can provide to clients of all sizes. My only reservations are that it’s probably not worth putting effort into giving Google sitemaps until you have a significant number of FreshDesk solutions to promote. Anyway, that’s an interesting discussion for another time. Here are the instructions to create and submit your FreshDesk Sitemap to Google Search Console (GSC):

    1. Create your sitemap. There are many downloadable sitemap generators. I prefer the online sitemap generator at Online XML Sitemap Generator. Save your XML sitemap somewhere you can find it. It does not matter what you call it.
    2. Create a draft FreshDesk Solution, or edit an existing one. We use a draft because we do not want to publish our XML sitemap to our helpdesk visitors. We just want to load it to our FreshDesk workspace.
    3. In your draft Solution, attach the file that you saved in Step 1, and save your draft.
    4. Right-click on the attachment to copy it’s address. You will need to strip off the domain name before submitting it, as Google Search Console automatically adds it. The address you get looks like, but you need helpdesk/attachments/1234567890.
    5. Test and submit your FreshDesk sitemap to Google Search Console

    Please let me know how this improves your search results. If GSC indicates you can improve search performance, remember you can change Title Tag and Meta Description for your FreshDesk articles. To change them, click edit on the right-hand side of the Solution publishing screen, at ‘Article Properties.’ There is also a meta tag box. To many so-called SEO experts, meta tags have no value. But, I recommend one or two keywords to remind you of the visitor focus you are measuring/monitoring in GSC.

    As always, if you need clarification on any of these points, just ask. I’ve marked this as resolved, but you can re-open if needed.

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