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    Keith Taylor
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    This forum is for help and guidance with your web business projects. It’s a new service, so we are developing the procedures as we go.

    Here are some basics.

    Your project should be something that is too complicated for a simple question and answer session in the main web hosting forum. It can relate to any aspect of your web business:

    1. Planning your intended web business
    2. Installing WordPress as a base for your online web business
    3. Improving your existing web business

    To start your web business project, we simply need to know what it is about. Once you post about that, I will either start a new project for you, or ask you some questions that will allow me to do so. I’m currently generating example projects to help show you how this works. Please join in, whenever you are ready.

    I have other forums for planning projects outside the web business subject area, including a project planning forum, for any subject. (more information, coming soon.)

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    Keith Taylor
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    When I say “Please join in, whenever you are ready,” you may be wondering how to start. If you are quite certain you need a web business project, it’s best to post a new topic in this Web Business Projects forum.

    If you are not sure, you can still post there, or ask in the general web hosting forum.

    If you’re unsure, just reply below. If you can’t post to the forum, for whatever reason, please tell me via the orange Internet Help button, or my Internet Support helpdesk.

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