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    Keith Taylor
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    Shrewdies’ Web Business Emergency Room is for urgent problems. It’s the first sub-forum at the top of the main Web Hosting Forum. Therefore I see it as soon as I visit, and I will try to respond to your emergencies before following up on other questions.

    You must post sufficient information to allow a prompt response. I need:

    • A clear Topic Title. It must be keyword based.
    • Some personal details about who you are and where your target market is geographically (or a link to your profile).
    • Online business type: Online only, offline linked, or planned.
    • Summary of what you are trying to achieve.
    • Details of everything you have tried so far – state you’ve tried nothing, if that’s the case.

    I will move posts from ER to the main Web Hosting Forum if:

    • You do not make it clear what you are trying to achieve, or
    • You do not explain what you have already tried.

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