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    Keith Taylor
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    Safety Checks:
    WordPress Backup: Automatic schedule not running, run manually, support ticket raised.
    WordPress Version: 4.5.2. (Updated from 4.5.1. Translations updated and network upgraded)
    WordPress Plugins: All up-to-date.
    WordPress Themes: All up-to-date.
    Spam Comments: N/A (site disallows anonymous comments)
    GSC Security Issues: Currently, we haven’t detected any security issues with your site’s content.
    GSC Manual Actions: No manual webspam actions found.
    error log: No errors found

    As a priority managed site, also gets success health checks, and, when available, speed health checks.
    Success Checks:
    Search Analytics: No targets notified. Slight fall in Impressions.
    Sitemaps: No errors or warnings. 7 pages of 11 indexed
    Crawl Errors: No errors Site or URL errors reported
    404 Redirection: 1 hacking attempt reported.
    Blocked Resources: No blocked resources detected. www site variant added and marked non-preferred.
    Mobile Usability: No mobile usability errors detected. www not yet processed.
    HTML Improvements: Short meta description on home page. I recommend ignore until 1000 site impressions.

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