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    GoutPal Gout Support
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    Thanks, Keith, for setting up FreshDesk as our support helpdesk. It’s been a bigger success than I anticipated. We are completely swamped with leads. My first-line assistant became overwhelmed, and had to resign!

    That leaves me with a huge backlog of leads to process, and an ongoing management issue. When you set FreshDesk up for us, you mentioned the possibility of introducing first line ticket management as a service.

    Are you any nearer offering first line support ticket management? If so, can you do it for me ASAP?

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    Keith Taylor
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    This is very exciting! I’d better respond in public so that other people can see we’re making progress.

    First line support is working fine, as you know. However, I’ve experienced some notification problems for 2nd line support. I’m working on it today. If all goes well, I’ll have documentation done, and we can all sleep easier!

    Even if it takes a little longer, I’m confident by the end of the week, we’ll have your support needs managed the Shrewdies way. That’s integration of bbPress forum, FreshDesk helpdesk, email, phones, and anything else that springs to mind. (Do you want that web page live chat widget we talked about??!! 🙂 ). It covers message funneling to sales leads, product development, and promotion content improvement (website and print).

    Thanks for letting me develop this with you. I’ll add these commercial website management services to my price list soon. As a thank you for your patience whilst we pulled this together, you will not get charged! Ever! 😀

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    GoutPal Gout Support
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    Wow, sounds great! Will I just see all my outstanding bbPress ‘tickets’ in FreshDesk?

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