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    I’ve tried to load an image to a new page in WordPress MultiSite, but I get the error:

    An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.

    I tried deactivating my TinyPNG image compression plugin, but it makes no difference if this is activated or not.

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    Keith Taylor
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    First, this has nothing to do with the TinyPNG image compression plugin. That’s a great plugin for compressing your images and improving your page speed score. I highly recommend it.

    In this case, the error is caused by something very simple.

    There’s no need to investigate your website configuration, or change anything in the database. It’s a simple problem that has caught me out many times. Also, it can happen in plain old single site WordPress as well as MultiSite.

    You just need to refresh the page you are working on. The easiest way, if you are creating a new post or page is to Save Draft. Then your new image should upload fine.

    If it happens when you are uploading directly into the media library, just refresh your browser page.

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    Hey Keith, thanks for that quick fix. I found it when I searched for the error message in the OP’s post. Now I have another problem.

    My image uploads OK after I saved my draft, but the thumbnail in the Media Library is broken. The image displays OK in my post but it won’t show as featured image or in the attachment page.

    I can just about use images in the back end, but I don’t like the bad attachment page or featured image that’s displaying to visitors. It just displays the title of the image, which I think is a bit confusing.

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