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    Following the successful transfer of my new forum site, I would like to transfer my resources website and my UK website. There are 3 complications I can think of, and I’m also wondering if the issue of transferring forms on pages is now resolved.

    The complications are:
    1. The UK site has several plugins that are not included in the current list of available plugins. The site is badly in need of a makeover, so I am happy to change anything. However, I’d like to salvage anything that is still attracting a little traffic, if this is advisable.

    2. The Resources site is incomplete in it’s present form. Plugin installation was never completed. Also, Google Analytics are only working via CloudFlare, which links to…

    3. The Resource site will offer subdomain sites for campaigns, user blogs, merchant promotions, etc. Currently, there is one embryonic campaign, which doesn’t collect Google Analytics data, as mentioned above.

    Is this better as one project or 3? What information do you need to allow the transfer project to start?

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