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    I’d like to transfer a standalone website,, into Shrewdies shared websites. I want to do this to reduce the amount of WordPress admin required, as a separate website. Also, I want to take advantage of the Managed CloudFlare Service at the free level.

    I do not want community support or eCommerce, as all visitor reaction is managed through related websites and social media. My updates will be mainly weekly, but sometimes I may work on two or three consecutive days to complete a series.

    Though the site needs reorganization, I’d prefer to transfer it as it is now, then gradually prune old content as I introduce new stuff. Therefore, I would like project help to:
    Move single-site installation to the shared multisite service, retaining all existing posts, pages, and archives.

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    Keith Taylor
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    This is great, Anna!

    I’ve started a project: Feasibility of import.

    Please answer the questions I’ve included there (in italics). Also add any comments you like. I want to make sure you start saving time and improving security soon 🙂

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    Wow! I’m going to answer those questions in a minute. I can’t wait to get started. I just wanted to comment about the Project Purpose Statement:

    To reduce WordPress administration for, and improve CloudFlare security, by importing into Shared ShrewdSite.

    That is absolutely fine. I know how important it is to keep WordPress up to date. I check regularly, and get my Wordfence reports as well. I really don’t record how much time I spend on this. It’s fine not to be able to quantify it – I’ll just be happy not to have to do it anymore! 😆

    Similarly, I understand that potential hackers will be blocked on all Shared ShrewdSites as soon as they are identified by one site. I’m happy enough with Wordfence trapping these as soon as they hit my website. It’s a nice bonus to have them stopped sooner, but I can’t quantify the benefits.

    I’ll just say that both these improvements are very worthwhile for me. I realize there is a trade-off because I have to contact you if I need to administer users or change themes. I also realize my plugin choices are limited. Quite frankly, these are more bonuses to me. I think the admin restrictions might help me stop tweaking the WordPress Admin area, and focus more on content.

    I’ll get on with those questions now!

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