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    A client asks: “I’ve got a new laptop now and I need to get some new website builder software. Do you have any recommendations?”

    I’ve posted the question here, as many web business owners want to know which is the best software to create their website. Given that Shrewdies is WordPress biased, I think I can guess the answer. But as we support all types of business on the Internet, it will be interesting to see what Keith recommends.

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    Keith Taylor
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    Yes, WordPress does it for me, but for people who don’t want to go that way, there’s loads of alternatives. But, let me get the WordPress website creation out of the way first.

    WordPress is different from the traditional website creation method. Traditionally, we worked on HTML files on our own local computer. When satisfied with our page, we uploaded it to our web server, where it is immediately available to the world through the Internet. WordPress runs on our web server, and we work on draft pages, connected through the Internet. When satisfied, we publish the draft, and it becomes available to the public. These are two different ways of working, and WordPress requires an Internet connection whilst you work. It is possible to install WordPress locally to make website changes in private, then commit them to the live website later. That is common practice for large websites, but it can be used for any WordPress website. Theoretically, it is possible to install WordPress locally to create a website, then just publish the resulting HTML as a static website. I won’t go into details of that unless somebody asks.

    One final sales pitch for WordPress. I have successfully converted websites from many different platforms to run on WordPress. I host WordPress Websites for £5 per month, or £50 per year. I’m happy to convert existing websites for free if you commit to one year. OK, let me finish with WordPress and answer the question.

    Currently, I run my office in the cloud, so apart from a browser, DropBox, and Gdrive, I don’t install any software. I have PortableApps on my DropBox, so I can run image editing and other software anywhere I can get an Internet connection.

    Because of that, I do not have recent personal knowledge of desktop website builder software. But, in the past, I’ve always trusted the recommendations of Gizmo and his team. In Best Free HTML Editor, the top two editors are KompoZer and Amaya. I would try them both to see which best suits your needs.

    The article also mentions HTML text editors that do not provide a WYSISYG interface. In the past, I’ve used NotePad++ for this – it allows you to edit over FTP, which is great for quick and easy editing and instant publishing. If you are not very familiar with HTML, it is better to stick to one of the WYSIWYG options.

    If you need more information, please reply below. I’d also love to read your opinions and experiences of WordPress vs Local Website Editors (text and WYSIWYG). If you prefer to respond privately, please use the orange Internet Help button, or raise a ticket in my Internet Support Helpdesk.

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