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    Keith Taylor
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    Network Website Safety Checks:

    Spam Comments:
    No Spam Comments – registered users only.
    WordPress Log In page indexed?
    Not in Google index. Crawl disallowed.
    GSC Security Issues:
    Currently, we haven’t detected any security issues with your site’s content.
    GSC Search Traffic – Manual Actions:
    No manual webspam actions found.
    WP 404 Hacking Attempts:
    Attacks on /uploads​/upload.html​/ and ​malicious site crawling. IPs reported.

    As a member of Keith Taylor’s MultiSite Network, the following website checks are performed at network level:

    • WordPress Backup.
    • WordPress Version.
    • WordPress Plugins.
    • WordPress Themes.
    • PHP error.log.

    Website Success Checks:

    GSC Search Analytics:
    Slight improvement. Audience growth target on track for May.
    GSC Sitemaps:
    No errors or warnings. 126 of 152 pages indexed.
    GSC Crawl Errors:
    3 errors marked as fixed.
    WP 404 Redirection:
    Redirection records added for 3 pages.
    GSC Google Index – Blocked Resources:
    Blocked plugin resources detected affecting 23 pages. Robots.txt amended for Inline Spreadsheet Viewer. 5 Pages resubmitted to Index. Other pages can be submitted by site owner, or as a chargeable service.
    GSC Search Traffic – Mobile Usability:
    No mobile usability errors detected.
    Indexed To-Do Alerts:
    40 pages are marked with your “To-Do Phrase”. This requires urgent review.
    GSC HTML Improvements:
    4 Duplicate meta descriptions pages and 4 short meta descriptions pages. I consider it more important to publish a fixed home page before tackling these HTML improvements.

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