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    Keith Taylor
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    Safety Checks:

    WordPress Backup
    n/a – limited updates website. Use System backup.
    WordPress Version:
    4.5.2. (Updated from 4.5.1)
    WordPress Plugins:
    All supported plugins up-to-date (2 old plugins to remove when functionality confirmed as redundant)
    WordPress Themes:
    All up-to-date.
    Spam Comments:
    None found. Only registered users allowed.
    GSC Security Issues:
    Currently, we haven’t detected any security issues with your site’s content.
    GSC Search Traffic Manual Actions:
    No manual webspam actions found.
    PHP error.log:
    No errors found.

    Success Checks:

    GSC Search Analytics:
    Audience & CTR slightly improved. On target.
    GSC Sitemaps:
    No errors or warnings. 1816 from 1894 pages indexed.
    GSC Crawl Errors:
    Lots of old crawl errors, but some are genuine external links. Keep checking.
    WP 404 Redirection:
    As with crawl errors, just do as many as time allows. When caught up, extend log retention beyond 1 week.
    GSC Google Index – Blocked Resources:
    9 pages with blocked resources. See Note 1 below.
    GSC Search Traffic – Mobile Usability:
    No mobile usability errors detected.
    GSC HTML Improvements:
    There are several warnings for Duplicate meta descriptions, Short meta descriptions, and Duplicate title tags. I think the priority for now is to continue summarizing and moving discussions to your new forum. I recommend adding a fixed home page to explain to visitors that your forum has moved.


    1. Blocked resources resolution is not covered in your plan. However, I’ve fixed the errors as it’s not much more work than reporting them. One was due to a third party page loaded in an <iframe>. I’ve replaced this with a screenshot image. There are a couple of minor plugin blocked resources that only affect redundant pages. I will continue to monitor these, and clear them when appropriate.

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