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    GoutPal Gout Support
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    I’m confused with the Permalinks options in the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

    I’m OK with ‘Change URLs’ options. Assuming I should keep the category base, and choose ‘No Redirect’ for attachments.

    In ‘Clean up permalinks’ options, I’m fairly certain I should keep stop words, but I wonder why this isn’t the default? I can understand the default for not redirecting ugly URLs. But, what does ‘Remove the ?replytocom variables’ mean?

    Finally, can you give your recommendations for the ‘Clean up the <head>‘ section. I’ve no idea what ‘RSD’ and ‘WLW Manifest’ links are. 🙁

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    Keith Taylor
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    Hey, thanks for bringing these Yoast SEO advanced options to my attention. You should know that the main reason I use this plugin in my WordPress sites is for the sitemap. I talk about that elsewhere, but if you’re not sure why, please just ask. I think you should only use SEO techniques to improve visitor experience. SEO is largely meaningless, and dangerous if it deflects you from servicing your audience.

    One side effect of the default Permalinks settings for Yoast SEO, is the increase in 404 errors. This is especially true for Shortlinks in the <head> section. I can’t see the value in them, and they become a problem in superseded posts because it’s something else to redirect. I’m changing my installation routine to hide Shortlinks for Posts.

    RSS links are normally a good thing to keep. Note that I use FeedBurner, and I should include this in the <head>. If this is something that is important to you now, please raise it as a seperate support topic.

    RSD means ‘Real Simple Discovery.’ I don’t understand why the default is ‘Show.’ I recommend changing it to ‘Hide’ as it is only useful if you post to your blog from third party services (which I definitely do not recommend).

    WLW refers to ‘Windows Live Writer.’ Again, I do not recommend that service, and so you should change the Yoast SEO default to ‘Hide.’

    My response to the ‘Remove the ?replytocom variables’ harks back to my opening comments. It is not important for most websites, so best ignored. It only relates to websites with valuable comments. I prefer to encourage debate using the forums. Therefore, I recommend leaving this option alone. It only needs to be considered if ?replytocom links are occurring in error reports from Google Search Console, or similar. If you’re having this type of issue, it’s best to raise it as a separate topic.

    Thanks again for raising this issue. I hope hiding RSD links, WLW Manifest links, and shortlinks decreases 404 errors for you. It might take several months for robots to stop seeking these unimportant links. Please let me know how it affects your website.

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    GoutPal Gout Support
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    A belated thank you, Keith.

    I notice that Yoast SEO has now been changed, and most of these advanced settings have now been dropped. There’s a message in the Changelog that says:

    Removes all settings to hide specific tags inside the head.

    When I try to see why, I can only find a note in the What’s New presentation that says:

    We’ve removed the “hide” features we had, for hiding RSS feeds and a few other things. There simply is no real SEO benefit to these features. On top of that WordPress is adding more and different things to the <head> all the time and deleting them can lead to issues.

    I’m wondering what these “different things” are. More importantly, I’m wondering if we might be better without them? For instance, they might be revealing information that encourages spammers/hackers.

    Do you have any more information regarding these <head> settings?

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