Help Yourself to a Website the Shrewdies Way

Do you want a shrewd way to create your own website? Let’s do it better, let’s see how to build your own website the Shrewdies Way.

Build Your Own Website: Preparation

Everyone assumes that building your own website starts with registering a domain name at or other domain registrar. It does not.

If you have an existing business, then domain name selection to match your business name is important, but let’s take a step back.

You must advise on the strategies needed to plan information, ecommerce, and community aspects of your website. You must assess the server requirements to handle projected traffic. You need to ensure that deployment timescales are important.

Assuming you do not want to pay Shrewdies to handle these tasks for you, you can still rely on us to help you. Follow our guidelines here on preparing to build a website, and if you need more help, ask in the webmaster forum.

Deploy Your Own Website

If you have your domain registered, and you have your deployment plan, you’re good to go.

Follow the appropriate step-by-step guide to deploying a website. Remember, you can stage the deployment process if you like. It can be useful to treat community and eCommerce functionality as separate projects once you have published your most important information pages.

Improve Your Own Website

No matter how much effort you put into defining function and format requirements in your deployment plan, once your website has launched, and you get feedback from visitors, you will want to tweak your theme, and add or improve your plugins.

You must also monitor and report on visitor analytics to advise the content team what topics need to be covered or improved. Large teams always have different responsibility divisions, and if you are a one-man band, you have to do everything yourself. At Shrewdies, we realize that some tasks we include on this webmaster support website will be covered by managers, and vice versa. This does not matter.

Build Your Own Website: Next Steps

As part of the Shrewdies relaunch, I published this overview of building your own website. I will cover each topic in much more detail over the next few months, so please subscribe to our free update service to make sure you do not miss any vital information.

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If you need immediate help building your website, please ask in the website support forum. You can also use that forum to share your opinions and experiences of building your own website.