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HelpDeskSearch for Better Freshdesk Search

Freshdesk is a brilliant help desk service. But it lacks a decent site search.

Usually, you would turn to Google. Now that’s OK. But free Freshdesk user knowledge bases are on So search results include much more information than most people need.

Step forward HelpDeskSearch, which restricts your search to the top-level domain.

Try it and tell me how impressed you are on the feedback form below.

Alternative Freshdesk Language Layout

On my first use of this alternative Freshdesk search engine, I noticed a potential language issue. Because French and German results are included in the English language list. Now, this is not a problem for me. But if you don’t like it, I can change it. But which alternative do you want:

  1. Ignore non-English results. That’s easy to do and appropriate for an English-speaking audience. But is it a little xenophobic?
  2. Move non-English tools to a separate tab. Similar to the way pictures are moved to an Image tab.
Alternative Freshdesk Search Engine media
Alternative Freshdesk Search Engine

Your Freshdesk Search

Do you want this search for your own website? Or perhaps you want the results without visiting my website. Well, I love your visits but I understand. So here’s Your Freshdesk Search. Feel free to embed it in your own website. Or gift it to a friend.

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