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Installing and configuring WordPress and it’s themes and plug-ins.

Web Hosting For Dummies

2010 Update:

I have had so much interest in a Web Hosting For Dummies book (that does not exist), I’ve introduced a new section looking at appropriate books in the field of web hosting.

Also, a couple of other updates:

  • has clarified that it does allow some site monetization as log as it is ethical and incidental (my interpretation). I’ll review this in more detail just as soon as somebody asks me to.
  • My installation wizard is on-hold. Now that Pods is here, there is a better way to manage it, but I have other Pods projects to complete first.

Web Hosting For Dummies

I know many people seeking web hosting for dummies.

Millions of people have gained benefits from “For Dummies” books. Most don’t really like admitting to being dummies. Many are far from dummies, but want to get back to basics so they have a good foundation for whatever they want to learn.

These people are Shrewdies.

They want to gain the benefits of web hosting without years of learning technology secrets.

How can Shrewdies get good quality web hosting at reasonable prices? Or free?

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Web Business Opportunity: AdSense Referrals

Why is it that when people ask about web business opportunities, I immediately talk about AdSense, but hardly ever mention AdSense Referrals?

The AdSense for Content scheme dominates my thoughts, perhaps because, for many sites, it is the main earner. But AdSense Referrals can also bring significant income, and the product list has grown tremendously from the original Google product line.

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Business Website Builder

My main activity, currently, is developing my business website builder wizard. I’ve added a new page to keep track of development. Though it is a long way from finished, I hope you find some of the development information useful.

I have called the first part Essential Plug-ins. These are ones that any self-respecting WordPress web business needs. Some may have alternatives. I have selected ones that I know work. If you know of alternatives that you think are better, please let me know.

I noticed one or two that I rely on, but haven’t mentioned in this blog, so I will mention them now.

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Build A Business Web Site

As I build a business web site at, it acts as a great reinforcing exercise to test and improve the plug-ins collection for my WordPress installation wizard.

Today I found a better forms handler, reminded myself about the importance of backups, and found a potential method for making plug-in management much easier.

Contact Pages are important for any web site, but crucial for a credible web business site. My current method works fine on standard contact forms, but to build a business web site, you also need surveys, polls, and all manner of related feedback mechanisms.

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Ultimate Tag Warrior URL Rewriting Fixed In A Click

UTW is a fine, well respected plug-in, but Ultimate Tag Warrior URL rewriting has driven me crazy.

I need my WordPress Tags, and I want them right. I started writing about them in my last post, and I have plenty more to say – mainly from a site management point of view, but also many technical tips.

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