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Is it worth having your own website?

Why bother with a website?

Around 6 years ago, started to gain low traffic volumes.

I registered the domain name some time before that. I started posting in Mid 2007, as part of a trio of websites with the .net and .org equivalents. I was starting to make some part time cash on a hobby website. I thought websites were a great way to earn a living. I created the Shrewdies websites to help other people earn money on the Internet.

Over it’s life, I’ve changed my approach with Shrewdies several times. Somehow, it never really got going. There are many reasons I could suggest. There’s only one that matters – I never really focused on my audience.

And so, I’d pick up the Shrewdies project from time to time. I’d publish a few pages on website creation. I remember in the early days spending a lot of time doing keyword research and topic planning. And so, I got nothing exciting from a visitor perspective…

Is it worth having your own website?

Is it worth having your own website?

Clearly, from that chart, it is not worth creating your own website. Years of domain fees, and never more than a few hundred visitors. Yet, I’m quite excited about what happens next.

Over the years, I have proved that it definitely is worth having your own website. For the first time, last year, I became totally independent of income outside my websites. There’s more to that story another time. For now, it’s time to revitalize, and take it to the next level. is now the Vocations leg of the Shrewdies trio. for facts. for learning. Learning and earning go together, but emphasizes the earning part.

I investigate different ways to make money online. Then, I provide opportunities for you to join in. Your contribution can be anything from a few shared comments, to your own website. It’s up to you.

Unlike other online money-making schemes, this is real. You say what you want, and I try to find ways to make it happen. I don’t charge you anything. Shrewdies is, and always will be, exploitation free.

There will be a few disruptions as I work my way through this website. I need to:

  • Delete old irrelevant content
  • Add appropriate links for getting extra help
  • Add more fresh and relevant content, including examples of website opportunities

What are you looking for from a website?

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