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Introducing Keith Taylor's Webpage Marketing List

by Keith Taylor

All you really need to know is that the path to Shrewd Learning starts at Who are Keith Taylor Followers. But I guess you’d also like to know why you should start on that path.

What is Shrewd Learning?

Shrewd Learning is my collection of tools and processes that help you organize your online learning projects.

Many of us think we left learning behind when we quit school or college. But in reality, we keep learning every day. Though most of us do it informally. So, the need to organize research can be quite a shock when we start learning a complex subject. Or even relearning how to learn.

Now that shock is reduced considerably if we have modern tools to help organize research, review goals, and plan actions based on our new knowledge. Therefore, I’ve collected my tools to form Shrewd Learning. Packaged with support to help you personalize those tools.

Furthermore, I’m using 2 subjects to ensure that my resources provide practical solutions to common problems. Firstly, gout, where I’ve rebranded Shrewd Learning as GoutPal Links. Secondly, food, where my working title for my next project is Foodary Nexus.

In this way, you can learn one or all of the following:

  • About the tools and processes in Shrewd Learning.
  • How to improve your gout or your eating patterns.
  • How to adapt Shrewd Learning resources to any subject that interests you.

Learner Tiers

As a learner, you can work on your own. Or collaborate with me at different levels. But irrespective of which tier suits you best. Remember you start at Who are Keith Taylor Followers.

Anonymous Learner

At the lowest level, you might choose to be an anonymous learner. In which case, you can ignore my pleas to subscribe. Then keep reading my articles about webpage annotation and topic mapping.

So just return to that page every month and follow the articles relevant to you. But wouldn’t it be easier to get that list by email?

Keith Taylor Follower

Subscribing at that page gets you a list of relevant articles. Roughly once a month. Now, as I mentioned, I plan to introduce instant notification for those that want it. In fact, I hope to work with you to customize your notification services in the shrewdest way we can. So, please share your thoughts by commenting on my subscriber page.

Subscribers & Members

I will describe subscription and membership tiers in the next article in this series.

Are you a Keith Taylor Follower?
Are you a Keith Taylor Follower?

Your Next Steps

You have learned how to start following my announcements for Keith’s Learners. Next, please set a reminder to check my Learning Service Announcements next month. Or follow me now to get automatic updates by email.

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