Join The WordPress Web Hosting Debate

One advantage of WordPress web hosting is the ease with which debate is encouraged through commenting.

Link Policy At A Glance

  • Contributors must add value
  • Sidebar link list for top posters
  • Nofollow removed on guests after 2 comments
  • Nofollow removed immediately for registered users

Then WordPress removes the incentive for you to contribute by adding a nofollow link to your comments! 😥

In turn, I remove that nofollow attribute, in most circumstances, so that you get search engine rewards for your valued contribution. 😛

I interrupt my series on the shrewdBar development of a Pods package to highlight the benefits you get from joining the web hosting discussion on this site. By discussion, I mean adding valuable questions, comments or theories to existing topics, or starting a new discussion on a web hosting, or WordPress, related topic.

I have updated my link policy today, to explain more clearly how you can get incoming links to your site.

I have also added a top contributors list on the sidebar, to give extra links for those who contribute most. This list is automatically generated by the No Follow Free (NOFF) plugin. This plugin removes the nofollow attribute from links. It has a range of settings, but the important ones for you relate to the thresholds at which nofollow tags are removed. I have lowered the default settings so you get the nofollow free benefits as a guest when you add more than one comment, and immediately if you register.

I’ll be on the lookout for abusers, and raise the threshold later if necessary.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage meaningful debate without rewarding the people who add “me too” comments. Can you think of improvements, or is the whole nofollow debate flying over your head?

8 thoughts on “Join The WordPress Web Hosting Debate

    1. Keith from shrewdies

      Yes it will do more. In fact, it is vital if you want to attract more commenters.

      As the KeywordLuv author notes:

      For your commentators to benefit from KeywordLuv, your blog requires a separate Dofollow plugin to remove the nofollow tag. KeywordLuv does not do this

      NoFollowFree has it’s own top commenters widget, so you can remove one plugin. I use NoFollowFree because it gives flexibility in settings between registered users and guests. Thus, because you are a guest, you still have a nofollow tag on your link comment, but if you register, it gets removed. It should also get removed if you add more than 1 comment as a guest.I do this to encourage people to join, but if you want to just encourage comments, then you can set both thresholds to 0. If you are encouraging registrations, I strongly recommend the SABRE plugin, as the spammers will soon pick on you for being generous with the nofollow.Remember, you are not going to attract many comments without content that encourages it. You need many more pages. Also, you need to build trust. At the moment, your only travel page is a hard sell for your monetization model. What you really need is to attract travel fans with top quality travel content, then drop them the money saving link – or even add some mystery by telling them the link is in your newsletter sign-up confirmation page. As an aside on that, you do not need to produce a newsletter right now – I had one site where my first issue came 18 months after I put up the subscription page.

  1. Mike @ Exotic Travel Club

    Hi Keith, I forgot to mention in my original comment that I also have a plugin called Dofollow.  Do you advise then switch to using NoFollowFree to take the place of Dofollow and TopCommenters?
    Thanks for all the good advice. I’m going to have to work on these ideas
    to improve my site.  Getting more top quality travel content is a great
    idea. It gives me some ideas on how to expand my site. Thanks,Mike

    1. Keith from shrewdies

      I guess it doesn’t matter too much.I used to use Dofollow, but switched because I liked the extra features of NOFF. Not only does it give a Top Commenters widget, which saves an additional plugin, it also allows you to set thresholds. I have set these very low, so registered users always get nofollow removed, and guests get it removed after posting twice. Once this site gets busy (dream on! :wink:), I’ll probably increase the threshold for guests.On the other hand, Top Commenters plugin does give you a lot more options over the basic NOFF offering. I have not studied these in detail, but if they give you an advantage, then I would keep the Top Commenters plugin, and ignore the NOFF widget.

  2. Mike @ Exotic Travel Club

    Thanks a bunch for your input.  Its really great to find people who are helpful and friendly on the Internet!  I am fairly new in the web creation business, but I find it to be a lot of fun.  And I’m learning a lot as I go along.  You have an interesting site and I’ll keep my eye on it from time to time.  Thanks again.

    1. Keith from shrewdies

      Cheers Mike,I have a little project planned for some fast ways to generate quality content. I’m not sure if I’ll get round to it this week, as I’m trying to tie up loose ends on many projects before my birthday weekend. Hopefully, I’ll still be in a fit state next week to get it moving. 🙂

  3. Richard

    I created a tutorial on my blog on how to install and set up WordPress. This tutorial is geared toward business owners who want to set up their own website at a low cost.

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