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Keith Taylor News and Notifications

by Keith Taylor

News & Notifications from Keith Taylor

I love when people subscribe to my free update services. And you should know that my News & Notifications Services are free of charge. Just like all the information in Keith Taylor’s Internet Content.

During transition from WordPress to Eleventy, I’m upgrading my update services. Giving you the choice of the traditional news feed, and/or newer, curated notifications.

Once the services are operational, I will add details here about how you join each service.

Keith Taylor News Services

I’ll continue with the old Feedburner service. Also, I’ll add some notes about other RSS feed services that might help you follow updates from Keith Taylor. This service notifies you about all new and changed pages.

Keith Taylor Notifications Services

I’ll start a new curated notification service. Mainly aimed at mobile users, I’ll add notes about notifications for desktop and tablet visitors. This service saves you being inundated by minor corrections and structural changes. Because I manually notify you when I make substantial revisions.

Keith Taylor News & Notifications

Your Keith Taylor News & Notifications

As noted, I’ve suspended the Keith Taylor News & Notifications Services temporarily. But you can still get involved if you have concerns about how to stay updated.

All you have to do is comment on a Keith Taylor’s Internet Content Issue. Or start a new issue if your concerns are not already being discussed (spot the big green New Issue button on that issues page).

I’d particularly like to know your views on Telegram notification services. Because that might be a social alternative or companion to PWA notifications.

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