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Keith's Learners Resources

by Keith Taylor

Keith's Learners Resources Introduction

This is a 'heads up' regarding new tools I'm adding to my websites. Because I want to help you with better learning resources. But I'm short of time to prepare complete documentation. So if you need clarification about any aspect of these resources, please see the feedback links below.

Keith's Learners Resources

These resources help you make better notes about facts that you are learning. Then they help you expand and share your new knowledge. Ultimately, allowing you to collaborate with your advisers or friends on any learning or research project.

📒 ShrewdNotes Web Page Annotation

Use ShrewdNotes to personalize any of my web pages with your own private notes. For example, use ShrewdNotes to:
  • Highlight choices that apply to you.
  • Mark facts that you need to learn more about.
  • Add personal details. Because only you can see your ShrewdNotes. But you can share some of them if you wish.

We save your ShrewdNotes remotely in your own private account. So you can read them on any desktop, mobile, or tablet computer. Either within your account, or whenever you revisit the page that you annotated.

I’ve implemented ShrewdNotes as your note-taking foundation service that supports my other learners services. However, my chosen platform works independently on any website. And allows you to attach any document files (e.g., PDFs, spreadsheets). So you can combine all your research notes in one place.

This is a great tool to help you learn new facts. Also use it to record your progress through activities as you apply your new knowledge. But there’s more…

I use ShrewdNotes every day as I create and improve my websites. Starting with my research notes. Then creating drafts, and adding ideas for future improvements. So you can gain:

  • Early access to new content
  • Exclusive access to extra content
  • Templates for quickly starting plans and projects

Finally, ShrewdNotes gives us both a platform to collaborate on your ideas. So you can invite me to help you privately with any project you choose.

🤔 ShrewdConcerns Resolving Issues

Keeping your own private notes is a great way to organize your knowledge as you learn new facts. But what do you do when you get stuck?

You can use ShrewdConcerns to ask for help with anything. Though, we usually use it for you to clarify something you’ve read on one of my website pages. So ShrewdConcerns is a public place to ask questions and get answers. However, it’s also a springboard for collaborative learning as you:

  • Request private help to collaborate on your concerns.
  • Offer private help to other people.

☊☋ ShrewdMaps Notes Organization

Once you start with ShrewdNotes, you'll soon have lots of web pages with your own notes and attached documents. But these often interact. So how can you find all the pages that relate to a specific topic or concern?

The answer lies in ShrewdMaps, where you can organize all your notes however you like. Then easily reorganize them as you learn more about your chosen subject. And ShrewdMaps isn’t limited to organizing notes. Because you can also use it for:

  • Flexible To-Do Lists
  • Website Bookmarks
  • Brainstorming
  • Arrange almost anything by category, date, priority, etc.

Finally, as with ShrewdNotes, you can take your ShrewdMaps to the next level with shared projects and collaboration.

🗣 ShrewdChat Research and Learning Forums

All the first three resources work together to form a comprehensive support environment for any learning or research project. But sometimes you just want to chat with like-minded people.

That’s why I’ve run several support forums over the years. But I’ve found that direct support is better using ShrewdConcerns described above. However, we all benefit from off-topic chat. As well as sharing opinions and experiences for their own sake. So I’m replacing all my forums with Discussions hosted by GitHub.

Keith's Learners Resource Map
Keith's Learners Resource Map

Your Learning Resources

There are lots of ways that you can start to use Keith's Learners Resources for your own projects. But, as yet, I haven't provided documentation for you to get started. However, if you need help today, please get started with ShrewdConcerns now. Or see other options in the feedback section below.

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