New Email Policy For Shrewdies

My new email policy describes the best way to contact me via email and other Internet based messaging services. It also assures you of your email privacy. I value my own email privacy, and I would never do anything to hurt yours.

I never share your email address with anyone else. Furthermore, I do not generate sales newsletters, so when you contact me, I only use your contact details to communicate about the subject you have asked about, and I do not promote other parts of my web business to you.

Centralized Email Policy

Under the Shrewdies banner, I operate several websites in business, health, and entertainment sectors. I also manage some websites on behalf of clients. For my own businesses, I am following Google’s example, and consolidating my email policy and other policy and admin pages where appropriate.

As this website is the nearest thing I have to advising you and helping you with your own policy pages, it makes sense to centralize my own policy pages here. I will gradually change all my websites to link here for my policy pages. This means I can change contact details in just one or two places, and you will always know that they are up-to-date. I changed phone recently, and was staggered by the number of places I had to post my new number.

As new communication methods are introduced, there is bound to be an increasing need to change email policy and other policy pages. If you run several websites, I recommend centralizing your own policy pages. Though I do not allow most of my content to be copied, I make the exception for policy pages, so please feel free to adapt them for your own needs.

Your Email Policy: Next Steps

You need to make your policies clear to your visitors. This encourages them to see you as a professional organization, and encourages them to work with you. Write an email policy that reflects your style and approach, but please feel free to adapt my Email Policy. If you want help with this, please ask in the website support forum.