My objective is to provide a business web site builder in the form of a WordPress installation wizard that installs, configures and maintains a business website.

During the first phase, I am collecting all required and desirable plug-ins and themes that make your website secure, attractive, and easy to manage.

Essential Plugins

Click on the name to find out more about the plug-in, or the version to download it.

Name Description Version Installed Checked Notes
Akismet Comment spam filter 2.02 05 Sep 07 10 Sep 07 Needs an API key
aLinks Automatically links keywords 1.0rc1 05 Sep 07 10 Sep 07 Avoid & in descriptions
All in One SEO Pack Out-of-the-box SEO 10 Sep 07 10 Sep 07 Installed version actually reports 1.2.7
Bad Behavior Deny automated spambots access 2.0.13 19 Feb 08 19 Feb 08
cforms II Flexible contact forms 5.5 10 Sep 07 10 Sep 07 Styling change for long labels.
DoFollow Disables the rel=nofollow attribute in comments. 2.0 21 Sep 07 21 Sep 07 No options – just activate.
Exec-PHP Allows <?php ?> tags inside the content 3.3 05 Sep 07 10 Sep 07
FeedBurner FeedSmith Redirects feeds to FeedBurner 2.2 05 Sep 07 24 Sep 07
Google Sitemap Generator Generate a sitemaps.org compatible sitemap 3.0b11 24 Sep 07 24 Sep 07 Needs empty executable sitemap.xml, sitemap.xml.gz, and writable robots.txt, or write access to root
Post Template Time-saving post and page templates 1.2 11 Sep 07 11 Sep 07
Share This Let visitors share a post/page with others 1.4 05 Sep 07 24 Sep 07
Spam Karma Ultimate Spam Killer 2.3 rc4 25 Sep 07 25 Sep 07
Tag Warrior – Sitemap link Append U T W tags onto Google XML Sitemap 2.1 05 Sep 07 24 Sep 07 Needs U T W and Google Sitemap Generator activated.
TailHitter Adds the HitTail Code to every WordPress Post/Page 0.4 21 Sep 07 21 Sep 07 Needs HitTail code.
UTW Ultimate Tag Warrior to manage tags (keyword) fin
16 Sep 07 16 Sep 07 See [*]UTW Note below
WordPress Database Backup Automated backup to server, local or email 2.1.2 05 Sep 07 10 Sep 07 See [*]WP-Backup Note below
WP-Cache Makes site faster – particularly when you get busy 2.1.1 10 Sep 07 10 Sep 07 Make sure wp-config.php is writable

Useful Plugins

Click on the name to find out more about the plug-in, or the version to download it.

Single Bookmark Category List Display blogroll by separate categories 1.1 05 Sep 07 24 Sep 07 Indispensable if you have sub-categories
TD Word Count Provides detailed published and unpublished word count stats 0.43 05 Sep 07 24 Sep 07

[*]UTW Note
I install UTW by unzipping Final for WordPress 2.0, then unzipping 3.0.1 in a single file for WordPress 2.0 into UltimateTagWarrior folder in wp-plugins. This ends up with Plugins control panel showing different versions of UTW, and I enable version 3. I was going to simplify this, but WordPress 2.3 will include tag support, rendering UTW obsolete. I will keep installation pack with UTW until I can see that 2.3 works OK, and consider my Google Sitemap – UTW replacement options.

[*]WP-Backup Note
Needs write permissions to wp-content to create backup folder, which can be changed back to read-only after first run. If permission problem persists, it is an ownership problem: –

  1. Make a note of backup folder name (easiest way is to start rename, copy filename, then cancel rename).
  2. Delete the backup folder.
  3. Manually create the backup folder with name from 1.
  4. Manually enable backup folder write permission.

Phase 2

In phase two, I will package all the plug-ins and themes into a single download, with step-by-step installation and configuration guidelines.

If you want the files before the package is complete, just send me a message from my Contact Page, and I’ll let you have the zip file.

Phase 3

In phase three, I’ll add an installation script so that options can all be entered prior to installation, then the business web site builder wizard will be complete.

Phase 4

In phase four, I will offer fully managed websites install on my hosting service. This will give you a fully configured business website, with pre-built foundation pages, all ready for you to get on with running your web business.

If you want to get started before that service is up and running, I can still provide you with quality web hosting where my focus is on your business. Send me a message from my Contact Page if you want more details.