WordPress Hosting Questions

These are recent questions about WordPress hosting that I have yet to answer.
Do you have similar questions?
If so, vote for WordPress installation and configuration questions and I will prioritize those questions.

I get questions every day. Some are short questions, often asked through search engines. Others are longer, asked by email or via the forms I use on many pages.

I love these questions as they allow me to improve my website, and my investigations often lead me to new ideas. They also help all my visitors who have similar interests.

I get two types of questions, email and search engine. I give priority to email questions, and tend to answer both in the order that I receive them. At the end of the lists of WordPress hosting questions, I have included a voting form, with all the questions in alphabetical order. You can vote for questions that you are particularly interested in, and I will raise the priority of them.

Emailed WordPress Hosting Questions

These are questions that have been delivered direct to my email address, or via forms on the website.

Question Details Received Votes Priority
Category manager Can you recommend a WordPress Category Manager plugin (or plug-in)? 05 Sep 07 0 05 Sep 07

Search Engine WordPress Hosting Questions

These are questions asked via search engines. My search engine traffic analyzer, Hittail, tells me when these have been near misses – i.e. the WordPress hosting search question has found some relevant information, but it is not quite good enough.

Question Received Votes Priority
custom Permalink WordPress IIS 29 Aug 07 0 29 Aug 07

Please vote for the question(s) you are most interested in, and I will increase their priority.

Once I have answered these questions, I move them to my answers page, where you can see all the answers to recently asked WordPress hosting questions.

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