To encourage your visitors to contribute, and to provide your users with easy support, you need shrewdChat.It’s a discussion tool for WordPress web sites that helps visitors become contributors, and helps administrators provide customer service.

shrewdChat Benefits

  • Efficient Promotion: Build mini-lists of potential customers, and know their interests automatically.
  • Efficient Administration: Easily track and moderate contributions. Integrates with shrewdBar for at-a-glance moderation queues.
  • Efficient Contribution: Uses native WordPress post and comment structure, so contributors do not have to learn separate forum methods.
  • Efficient Visitor Optimization: Simple navigation via familiar tagging and category constructs with added shrewdChat yakability.
  • Efficient SEO: Discussions easily organized to give maximum search engine exposure.
  • Efficient Browsing: User, topic, time-based, keyword and subject views ensure quick access to related and relevant discussions, especially with optional shrewdBar accessibility.

shrewdChat Features

  • Easy installation with look ‘n’ feel customization (skinning planned for future versions).
  • Easy to change forum lists.
  • Tidy install & uninstall routines leave WordPress database clutter-free.
  • Excellent learning tool for Pods package developers.

Why Is It Shrewd

Everything at shrewdies has to be shrewd, or on it’s way to shrewdness. The forum/discussion/conversation manager (call it what you will) is designed to make you more efficient as a webmaster, and give your visitors an efficient way to express opinions, share experiences and ask questions.

What’s another word for efficient?

Main Entry:
Part of Speech:
adept, effective
able, accomplished, active, adapted, adequate, apt, businesslike, capable, clever, competent, conducive, decisive, deft, dynamic, economic, economical, effectual, efficacious, energetic, equal to, experienced, expert, familiar with, fitted, good at, good for, handy, masterly, organized, potent, powerful, practiced, productive, proficient, profitable, qualified, ready, saving, shrewd, skilled, skillful, systematic, talented, tough, useful, valuable, virtuous, well-organized

That’s why its called shrewdChat.

shrewdChat RoadMap

Version 1
Proof of concept. February 2010. Pods application to integrate posts and comments for live discussions and integrate them with related archived questions. Basis for Pods tutorials and gain developer feedback.
Version 2
Internal testing & feature review. February – March 2010. Install to relevant shrewdies sites and gain visitor feedback.
Version 3
Public Release. Make available as WordPress plugin or Pods package, as determined by discussion of distribution methods and version control for Pods.

For questions or discussions, please see the WordPress Functionality Forum.

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