Theme Format Essentials For WordPress

Your theme is the face of your website.

Get the format right, and visitors see your content at it’s best, find what is relevant, and return for more.

Get your website template wrong, and all your hard work is wasted as potential customers leave, lost and confused.



Good navigation is essential, and this stems directly from a good website blueprint. Without that blueprint, navigation will always be haphazard. But even with a good site structure, you need to ensure that your theme presents clear, logical pathways to human visitors and search engine robots.

Themes should not detract from your content by adding useless bells and whistles that do little but slow your site load times. Visitors simply will not wait for fancy gadgets to load.

Above all, ensure that your theme supports your purpose and objectives. If your target visitors are mature business types, apply a suitably serious format. Know your audience (or intended audience) and think hard about how your typical visitor will appreciate your theme.

The Format Section covers:

  • Choosing WordPress Themes
  • Essential WordPress Theme Tweaks
  • Design Your Own Theme
  • Non-Theme Format Issues
  • Other Website Template Topics