Ultimate Tag Warrior URL Rewriting Fixed In A Click

UTW is a fine, well respected plug-in, but Ultimate Tag Warrior URL rewriting has driven me crazy.

I need my WordPress Tags, and I want them right. I started writing about them in my last post, and I have plenty more to say – mainly from a site management point of view, but also many technical tips.

If you are browsing this site, or more importantly seeing all my wise words about UTW in a search engine, I want you to see http://www.shrewdies.net/tag/UTW, not http://www.shrewdies.net/index.php?tag=UTW. To be honest, the latter isn’t the end of the world, but when something that ought to be straightforward doesn’t work, I get frustrated.

Frustration mounted as I searched the UTW site, trying what felt like 100 .htaccess variations. Why won’t it work?

All it needs is a simple change of the UTW options to invoke URL rewriting and that should be it. Then the more you try to understand, the worse it gets. Is it a server configuration problem? Is it a WordPress core coding problem? Have I screwed up my .htaccess with all these changes?

I just want URL rewriting.

OK, try Googling for url rewriting UTW.

Top of the list sits Using Permalinks « WordPress Codex

WordPress URL Rewrite Plugin for blogs running on IIS …. WordPress are being overly greedy and getting invoked before UTW’s rewrite rules have a chance. …

Hmm… Looks like a WordPress problem then – better check it out. Long page, but quite interesting. How can we stop being WordPress being greedy?

This usually occurs only when using a custom permalink structure (like /%postname%/). To fix it, either switch your Permalink structure to “Date and name based” or hack the UTW plugin to place the UTW rewrites at the top of the internal rewrites array.

And More Info (from www.naturalsearchblog.com) gives the answer. The unbelievably simple answer.

From Stefan Freimark:

rebuilding the permalink structure solves problem

All you need to do, after activating UTW and setting the options, is to go to Options – Permalinks and click Update Permalink Structure. Thank You, Stefan.

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