Web Hosting Dummies Books

I’m bombarded for requests for web hosting books for dummies.

I love books. They make great gifts, and are easy to read when traveling, in bed, or by the pool.

We have no dummies here. We are all trying to be shrewdies – but maybe a good book can help us on the way.

Websites like this are great to get your questions answered, and share opinions and experiences. If you want to establish a clear plan for hosting your own website, it is better to use the guidelines here, and discuss your options on the forum.

However, sometimes it is just good to sit down with a book. They often add depth to a topic that is missing from discussions. I can see that many people are interested in “Web Hosting For Dummies” yet, at least for now, there is no such title.

So let me introduce you to some relevant titles in the “for dummies” series.

Best Selling Web Hosting Dummies Books

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WordPress For Dummies

A guide to WordPress blogging, with all the reference material you need to start creating blogs. Introductory guides to blog design and web hosting bring your website nearer reality. Just the thing for beginners who need to blog. WordPress For Dummies (USA) WordPress for Dummies (UK)

Google Blogger For Dummies

Help for Google Blogger – introductory guides to creating blogs using the search engine giant’s free platform. Reviewers see this book about blogging, a blogging 101, as something of an aid to make money online. It’s certainly true that Google Blogger allows monetization, but the authors are wrong in suggesting that WordPress.com sites do not. Google Blogger For Dummies (USA) Google Blogger for Dummies (UK)

Most Relevant Web Hosting Dummies Books

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