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I’ve been a fan of the For Dummies franchise for many years.

Though I initially hesitated at the name – who wants to class themselves as a dummy? – I soon realized the books were for smart people who were being made to feel like dummies. I’ve met several successful businessmen who swear by these books. These are intelligent people who know how to make money. They do not want to spend hours learning about the technical intricacies of rarely touched aspects of web hosting.

They want to understand enough about web hosting to make sure it contributes to their business, not detracts from it. They want to know enough to manage web hosting effectively. That means knowing when to get involved, and when to leave it to experts.

When I started this site, there was no Web Hosting For Dummies book. That is about to change.

Web Hosting For Dummies

I’m delighted to announce that Web Hosting For Dummies will launch on May 13 2013. Yes, just 5 weeks tomorrow will see this new addition to the range that shrewd people love to read. You can pre-order the book now to get the best possible price. More on that later. First, let me tell you a bit more about the book.

I will bring you more details about specific topics covered, and some information about the author in other pre-launch articles. Before that, let me tell you about the four main web hosting tasks you will learn about:

Web Hosting Jargon For Dummies
Learn to interpret web hosting terms, domains, and DNS
Web Hosting Platform For Dummies
Learn to choose the right platform to install
Web Hosting Tools For Dummies
Learn to use built-in databases and new e-mail accounts
Web Hosting Services For Dummies
Learn to work with FTP clients, use cloud services, and back up your website

Peter Pollack has done a great job in making web hosting easy to understand for busy website managers. Whether you manage your own website, work as a webmaster, or manage a website development team, Web Hosting For Dummies is for you.

Web Hosting For Shrewdies

The concept behind the For Dummies franchise, inspired me to create my web business support services for Shrewdies. Smart people don’t really care about labels, so if you are a Shrewdy, or a Dummy, makes no difference. If you are smart enough to seek help and advice from the right people, you will create a successful web business.

My way of working is to give you general guidelines for achieving the results you need. For specific help, I provide free support services. These can help you understand those guidelines, or help you interpret them for your unique situation.

Every web business is different. Here at Shrewdies, I help you understand which principles apply to you, and help you apply them with practical advice. I’m inspired by the launch of the Web Hosting For Dummies Book. I’m inspired to redouble my efforts to give you the guidance and support you need in your web business.

When you learn things here, you can use the website support forums to get specific help. This is also true when you learn things from books. Once you order the book, please feel free to discuss any aspect of it in the forums. You can ask questions, but it is also good to share your opinions about Web Hosting For Dummies, so that other website managers can benefit from your experiences.

Web Hosting For Dummies: Next Steps

To be certain to get your copy of Web Hosting for Dummies as soon as it is available, you can pre-order now. Simply click the advert above to order from amazon.com, or click advert below to order from amazon.co.uk. If you want links to other countries, please ask in the website support forum. ShrewdAds are product links that provide a small commission when you buy through those links. That commission does not affect the price you pay, and it helps keep my website support services free.
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