Web Hosting Forum Guidelines

WordPress Web Hosting ForumThese WordPress web hosting forum guidelines will help you get the best response to your questions and other stories.

Rules are few – just commonsense behavior that will help you on this forum and many others.

I like my discussions to be as free as possible, so there are only 2 rules:

  • Be respectful. A very general rule, I know, but you must show respect for visitors who will read your message and show respect for people you are replying to. It is fine to disagree, and debate is goo, but do not personalize debates and do not try to dupe people by presenting opinions as fact.
  • Earn your links. If you link to your own website, I expect you to earn the links by adding value to the debate. Unearned links will be deleted, as will links to poor quality sites. Don’t risk getting flagged as a spammer

Quality Posting Tips

Follow these tips to make sure your post gets you the response you want.

Forum Organization

Forum Description
Foundation The WordPress web hosting foundation forum gives you technical help to prepare, install and upgrade your website. This includes finding a host, installing WordPress, configuring settings, and ensuring the site structure matches your website blueprint.
Function Plugin or hack? How to get the best functionality in your WordPress installation.
Form Themes, templates and all aspects of formatting your WordPress web business content.
Fulfil Publishing and promoting your WordPress web business blogging content.
Web Hosting Other aspects of WordPress web hosting that do not fit neatly into the main categories.