WordPress 3.0 Beta

WordPress 3.0 Beta is now available, so I used it today on a new website.

I wouldn’t normally use a beta version on a production website, but the full release will be available before that site is fully live, giving me a chance to test some new features.

Site installation continues to be simple, and I took the simplest option of using the automatic script provided by my server host. This has the nice option of changing the default admin username to something less guessable – always a good idea for improved security.

WordPress Settings

Settings are the same as version 2, so I made the usual adjustments:

General Settings
Tagline and Email. I also ticked the membership so anyone can register, but it would be better to leave this until you get the membership plugins organized (more on this soon).
Discussion Settings
Enabled threaded comments, with depth set to the maximum of 10. Set moderation to hold comment if 1 link. More on discussion settings when someone asks for it.
Privacy Settings
Always a good idea to make sure your site is visible. If you can think of a situation where you would set it to block search engines, please tell me.
Permalink Settings
Vital to select the Custom Structure and change it to /%post_id%/%postname%/ (we can discuss why this is so if you like). I usually change the category and tag base to something more site specific – there might be a slight search engine advantage, but I just think it looks better.

Other WordPress Configuration

It really should be categories and plugins next, but I could not resist investigating the new default template – Twenty Ten (surely not a tribute to Windows Ninety Five?). This seems to be a great improvement, but I have yet to find a WordPress theme that does not need a quick makeover with the editor. I think the essentials of WordPress themes needs a separate topic, so I’ll do one soon.

There also used to be essential modifications to wp-config.php. I’ll check this, and report back tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “WordPress 3.0 Beta

    1. Keith from shrewdies

      Well, I had no problems with the beta, and only one with the final 3.0 release.With the beta, I tested on a brand new site, so there was no risk of losing data or visitors.If I had not had that site to play with, I would have created a local site. I already have one local development site, but I have it set up exactly as I want it to look like one of my live sites, so I did not want to mess with it. This is very easy to do with a WAMP install, and I may do a step by  step guide on that later if there is any interest.When the full release of WordPress 3.0 was issued, I updated a couple of my lesser used sites first. These upgraded without problems.I then had an issue with one site. This is currently my busiest site, so I panicked a bit. I’ll do a new post on the problem I had with that WordPress 3 upgrade, and how I solved it, so other people can avoid my totally self-inflicted trap.

  1. Ewealths

    I have been able to upgrade some of my blogs and most of the plugins were working normally but I had a little problem with a blog that would not just upgrade, I also notice that all the plugins that have upgraded version were also not upgrading, I am not too familiar with coding and all that but what do think might be causing the problem but for my other blogs are working properly.

  2. Ewealths

    I have upgraded one of my blog to this new one and everything seem to be working well, no problem, most of the plugins though they have not been tested with it but are really not giving me any issues but I seem to be having a hard time upgrading one of my blog, I continually get this error message:Downloading update from h t t p://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.0.zip.
    Unpacking the update.
    Incompatible archive: PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find
    End of Central Dir Record signature
    Installation Failed.Please what can I do so that I can upgrade my blog, thanks!

    1. Keith from shrewdies

      Welcome Ewealths,You need to be very cautious with this. I’ll be putting more details about this in a post that I’m working on, but the issue I had was with a plugin.I would say that you must see the failure of the automatic upgrade as a warning to NOT upgrade. The upgrade is being supplied properly by WordPress, but is failing on your server. This is either a server problem or a conflicting plugin or theme.The first thing would be to disable any plugins that you do not need. Get rid of them completely by deleting the files after you deactivate them. Then spend some time going through several posts, pages and archives to see if it is working OK. If it is, then try the upgrade again.Beyond that, I’ll be putting more advice in my WordPress 3.0 upgrade article.There are definitely some plugins that will cause errors, so please do not try to force the upgrade. I repeat, if the automatic upgrade fails, then wait and I will try to investigate your plugins and theme. If anyone suggests ways to force the upgrade (e.g. download the upgrade directly, or disable plugins that you rely on) please ignore them – it will only risk a severe problem.

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